Print Options

Below is a breakdown of what each print option means as you select your custom piece of my work.

You have the flexibility of choosing, print paper, canvas or metallic and if you would like borders.

As you flick through the purchase options will notice some options disappear depending on the size, this has been done depending on what is available for that image, it ensures you get the best result for that size.

Photographic PrintThis will be one of my images printed onto Ilford paper, Ilford have many different paper types and have chosen the best to suit that particular image, it comes rolled in a cylindrical container.
Print MattedThis will be an Ilford print that has been matted with normally a white border unless stated otherwise. The end result will be ready to stick onto a wall or go off to the framer.
Print framed & MattedReady to hang on the wall in all its glory! This will come delivered in a specially designed container protecting the finished product during transport. The image will be printed on Ilford and framed according to my release on the particular image.
Canvas UnstretchedThis will come on Ilford canvas and delivered in a cyldrical container, it can then be hung and stretched on your end to your liking.
Canvas Stretched & HungReady to hang on the wall, this will be the complete package ready to go, it will be sent in a specially designed shipping container to ensure no damage during transport.
High Gloss Metallic Photo with Aluminium MountIt doesn’t get much better than this for images that suit it. This is a special technique we have developed with Perth Pro Labs, the image jumps to life out of the metallic paper and the aluminium mount sets the finish off. This is ready to hang and once again it will come in a specially designed shipping container. Please note this is the most expensive option due to paper and mounting costs but the results are breathtaking.