Local Suppliers

Hey Guys,

Over the years I’ve been in landscape photography I have created a network of local suppliers that I trust, not only do I trust these guys with the culmination of all my hard work from the many hours planning, capturing and processing my images but I also know they use nothing but the best paper, framing and handling techniques in the business.


Perth Pro Labs

Perth Pro Labs

Paul Jarvis runs a small independent studio out of Burswood Western Australia, he is the go to man for most of Australia’s top photographers and has printed many many winning images for Australian Print Awards among other amazing accolades.

What I like about Paul is he is an accomplished photographer along with being an amazing printer, he knows his craft inside and out and when I send one of my images to him for a client I know the final product has had his final eye over the work.

This is hugely important for me and you, The images that you purchase from this page don’t go to a generic printer or off to a very cheap mass printing company. They head to Paul’s office and get handled with the utmost care and attention.

The end result means a print that contains the same hard work and quality and attempt to put into my images.


Leamac Picture Framing

Leahmac Picture Framers

Chris from Leamac picture framing will get Paul’s print and now do what he does best, framing. Chris is based out of Mindarie in Western Australia, It is important to me that I have separated the process of printing and framing and allowed two individuals at the top of their craft take care of what they do best.

All Leamac do is frame and they are one of the best in Australia, Chris’s attention to detail is amazing and he works closely in with Paul and I on any image that comes into his shop.

What this means is we have a clear line of communication between photographer, printer and framer. All 3 of us doing what we do best.

I have found over the years that separating this process out and leaving each component to a professional that only concentrates on his particular craft means an end product for the client that is quite amazing.

It’s a hand crafted and professional finish that really has a beautiful feel to it.

Developing a trust with both of these suppliers has been very important to me and I really wanted to offer a personal touch to you the client. I’ve poured countless hours, days and weeks into making sure that the final product (my art) you have arriving at the door is as personal and of the highest quality possible.

If you would like more information on why I use Leamac and Perth Pro Labs please feel free to email me on scott@scottjon.com.au.