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Cervantes Milky Way and Landscape Workshop  October 2017

It’s on again! For the last 2 years Aaron Dowling and I have been running our mixed Milky Way/Landscape workshop out of Cervantes, it’s been an incredibly popular and enjoyable workshop for us and 2017 will be it’s third year.

Unfortunately (fortunately for Aaron, lucky bugger!) Aaron has moved back to his home country of Canada this year and won’t be able to make it back for the third year, so after some talks we’ve agreed to bring Dylan Fox on board to continue this awesome workshop.

Dylan and I have worked on numerous workshops together and in fact this year we’ll be running one out of New Zealand in May, for for information on that particular workshop just click this link here.

Otherwise if you would like to join us in Cervantes, then jump on over to our page and sign up, we look forward to seeing you there.

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